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Field Recording Concert at DogStar Festival

field recording concert at Dog Star Festival

I am organizing a concert of new field recording works to be presented as a part of the 2016 Dog Star Orchestra concerts. The concert will be titled Dog Star from the Fields and will feature new works by local Los Angeles composers including myself, Scott Cazan, Ryan Gaston, David Paha, Sepand Shahab, Stephanie Smith and Colin Wamsgans.

Dogstar from the Fields
Thursday, June 16th
Roy O. Disney Concert Hall at CalArts, 8pm
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355

Field Recording Photos

Last week I went to Montana de Oro State Park to go on a field recording expedition. It was really fun! I brought home many interesting sounds of various sea birds, quail, seals and or sea lions, and the ocean splashing inside of caves. Many of the recordings were made on the water of Morro Bay in a sea kayak. Check out the photos below. I plan to use many of the sounds in future electronic music pieces in addition to just uploading a few of the recordings without any processing.

Dog Star Orchestra 8 – Manipulated Field Recordings

I will be hosting and performing in the opening concert for the 8th annual Dog Star Orchestra concert series. The concert, titled Manipulated Field Recordings will take place on Wednesday, August 29th at 7PM at my house in Eagle Rock. The concert will take place on a large deck at my house known as The Deck concert space. The concert on the 29th will also include performances by Archie Carey, Scott Cazan, Stephanie Smith, and Sepand Shahab.

Tom Erbe’s William’s Mix

I recently submitted a number of audio tracks for Tom Erbe who is working on a fresh version of John Cage’s Williams Mix. The score calls for five to six hundred discreet audio events. I submitted a number of analog synth improvisations and a few field recordings. I can’t wait to hear the piece considering that Tom is a complete experimental music genius.

One Minute Los Angeles in New Town Arts show

My collaborative field recording installation, One Minute Los Angeles, will be shown July 27th -29th as a part of New Town Art’s Knock Knock Sonic Surprise show.

A world of sound in 6 tiny rooms.
Open a door see what’s inside.
Discover experiments in sonic performances behind each door.

Friday, July 27, Noon to 7:00PM
4414 E. York Blvd. (near Eagle Rock Blvd)
Albert Ortega • Joe Cantrell • Clay Chaplin •  Kio Griffiths & Michael Vlatkovich • Heather Lockie • Rick Potts • Karen Frimkess Wolff

Saturday, July 28, 3:30PM to 9:00PM
4414 E. York Blvd. (near Eagle Rock Blvd)
Joe Cantrell • Clay Chaplin • Kio Griffiths & Michael Vlatkovich • Albert Ortega • Rick Potts • Karen Frimkess Wolff

Sunday, July 29, 1:00PM to 8:00PM
615 S. Westlake Avenue (MacArthur Park Adjacent)
Abyss of Fathomless Light & Jonas Reinhart • Joe Cantrell • Clay Chaplin • Tom Peters • Rick Potts • Karen Frimkess Wolff

Raflost Festival in Reykjavik

I’m heading to the Raflost Festival in Reykjavik from May 4th through May 8th. I’ll be premiering a new audio visual improvisation called Side Effects. Also premiering will be a new installation for photography and field recordings called One Minute Los Angeles. I’ll also be giving a short lecture on my work on Friday, May 6th. After the festival I plan on sticking around Reykjavik and trekking out into the icelandic frontier with my field recorder!

Hydrophone part sheet

Attached is a PDF that contains all the parts necessary for building a hydrophone. The parts on the list are from the following companies:

•  Digikey  

•  Pacific Radio and Electronics

•  Do It Best Hardware Center (I go to the one on York Blvd in Highland Park)

One thing to note. There are two type of cables listed for your reference. One is standard microphone cable and the other is a slightly smaller gauge coax video cable. You can use either one.


Hydrophone Workshop @ Machine Project

I will be giving a two-part workshop on Hydrophones at the Machine Project Gallery in Echo Park. You can sign up here:

Sunday, August 16th: Part 1 2pm to 4PM

We’ll have hydrophone kits for your enjoyment. Minimal soldering experience required and plus we’ll help you. While constructing our hydrophones we’ll talk about field recording and more specifically about the properties of sound underwater and how hydrophones work. Once you’ve built your hydrophone take it home for a week and make a bunch of recordings.

Sunday, August 23rd: Part 2 1PM to 4PM

Bring your hydrophone, your trusty field recorder (we’ll be able to supply a few to borrow if you don’t have one), and any recordings you have made. Right off the bat we’ll all head to the lake to record what lurks beneath the surface. Then we’ll trek back to Machine and have a listening party. The real fun of making field recordings with a group is listening to everyone’s recordings.


Field Recording Workshop @ Machine Project

I will be giving a two-part workshop discussing the aesthetics and practice of field recording. The first session will cover the possibilities and history of the genre through listening examples and discussion. We’ll also cover how to make field recordings with information on microphones, field recorders, and techniques for improving your sound. You will have access to a field recorder which you can use to create a recording of your own. Session two will be a listening and discussion session where everyone presents their field recording.

Session one will be on Sunday, April 5th from 2-5pm.
Session two will be on Saturday, April 11th from 4-6pm.
More info: here

Sound Devices recorder at Hermit Falls

Sound Devices recorder at Hermit Falls