Satellite Stutter – 2003

Except for Juno Hack, all of the tracks are structured improvisations performed using various controllers and a laptop computer. Spoken word samples from preachers, transients, wrestling commentators, and politicians are the primary sound sources. All tracks were performed and recorded throughout 2002-2003, except for Brenda’s Truthful Hangin’ which was recorded in 1999.

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Album Notes

The Dome – Created with samples from the faux sporting event and TV spectacle called BattleDome

Thoughts of W – I let the computer take over and obliterate a sample of George W. Bush

Viagral Breakdown – Created with a sample from a presidential debate where Bob Dole talked about his strengths

Juno Hack – was created using a broken Juno-106 synthesizer

Basking Improvs – Growing up in NC, I was regrettably overexposed to the drivel of late night TV evangelists

Brenda’s Truthful Hangin’ – A broken narrative created from three tales of encounters with small town police

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