Potential Artifact

Potential Artifact (2021) is a series of computer-based improvisations using sample manipulation, algorithmic processes, feedback, and randomness as organizing principles. Though rarely recognizable, samples include acoustic instruments, spoken words, field recordings, and computer generated tones.

Album Notes

All tracks are improvisations recorded live and minimally edited between 2016 and 2020 by Clay Chaplin @ Casa Berenice Recordings in Los Angeles

Potential Artifact 1-4 – a broken violin, a contact mic, a raspberry pi, and Pure Data

Claw & Maple – – a strange vocal loop with bit-crushed snippets and comb filtered resonance

Artist Lecture – a special reading of a art babble is specially treated

Stutter Skronk – water bowl samples are smacked

Clarinetwork – clarinet samples stochastically smashed through a metalic sounding network of algorithmic processes

GS-Bell 1-4 – a gameshow bell sample is altered in multiple ways

Oh Yeah! – vocal meditation on two loops

Testy – a field recording is pushed and let go into an array of filters and processes