The Netty Sessions

Album Notes
All tracks are free improvisations performed during the Covid-19 pandemic. We virtually gathered via networked audio software to improvise in real time. Each player sent their individual audio signal to a shared server where the sounds were distributed throughout the group. Each player could hear themselves and the group in CD quality audio with little latency. While not seeing each other in the same room presented the occasional musical challenge we were just grateful to be able to perform together during the lockdown.

Clay Chaplin – Laptop and Electronics
Nick Deyoe – Electric Guitar
Tim Feeney – Percussion
Michael Jon Fink – Electric Guitar
Vinny Golia – Woodwinds & Gongs

Recorded live in early 2021 via Netty McNetface by Clay Chaplin at Casa Berenice Recordings
Mixed by Clay Chaplin
Mastered by Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering
Graphic design by Fluff Nugget