Spiders with Kalashnikovs

Spiders with Kalashnikovs is a duo that makes electroacoustic experiments featuring Heather Lockie (viola, voice, & electronics) and Clay Chaplin (laptop). Their sounds range from blissful ambient textures to annoying, relentless patterns of noises and bleeps combined with an occasional folk song or field recording. Previous work includes an album of produced songs for Marshweed in the Garden, an ambient improvisation based on a folk song melody, and most recently a more experimental project for viola and laptop.

“‘Here we must be beneath the stones,’ the girl said, whispering, and her whisper ran out into the hollow blackness and frayed out into threads of sound as fine as spiderweb and clung to the hearing, for a long time.”

Urusla K. Leguin – The Tombs of Atuan