One Minute Los Angeles


One Minute Los Angeles is a collaborative project that combines field recording and photography. Artist Lara Bank and sound artist Clay Chaplin trekked throughout Los Angeles to document one minute of time in everyday environments. The idea was to capture one minute of sound framed by two photographic time stamps: one at the start of the minute and one at the end. The combination of the visual with the aural in a pre-determined timeframe and process provided a blurred relationship between the immediate future and the immediate past at each location.


August 29th, 2012 in Los Angeles as a part of the Dog Star Orchestra concerts

July 27th thru July 29th, 2012 in Los Angeles as a part of New Town Art’s Knock Knock Sonic Surprise show

September 16th thru September 18th, 2011 in Lexington, Ky Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival

September 8th thru 14th, 2011 CalArts ESP WaveCave sound gallery

One Minute Los Angeles premiered at the Raflost festival in Reykjavik, Iceland on May 5th-8th, 2011


The Coffee Table Restaurant

Arco Iris Mufflers

Chinatown Plaza

Outside Do It Best Hardware

Eagle Rock Recreation Center

Union Station