TRICOMATIC (2004-2010)
Tricomatic is a structured improvisation in three short movements. It is scored for piano, cello, percussion, video, and tape. The piece is freely based on the notion that human color vision involves three types of retinal sensory receptors. Each movement highlights one instrument in the ensemble, and the sonic material for the “soloist” is derived primarily from the color, speed, and mood of the video, creating a loosely defined part for the “soloist.” In each movement, a rhythmic map, predetermined by edit points in the video, creates a score for the ensemble. This rhythmic map connects the video with the ensemble while leaving space for each ensemble member to make sonic choices. The video images are not intended to provide a narrative, but are used to create the energy, mood, and space for improvisation.The California Ear Unit originally commissioned Tricomatic for the ensemble’s 2004 performance season. After the original performance, Ear Unit percussionist Amy Knoles developed a solo version for her performance repertoire. In addition I have worked with the Ear Unit to update Tricomatic as the ensemble’s lineup has changed.

Selected Performances by the California Ear Unit
February 27th, 2010 @ CNMAT in Berkeley, CA
February 26th, 2010 @ Cal State Chico
February 21st, 2005 @ Louisianna State University
July 22nd, 2004 @ Levitt Pavillion in Pasadena, CA
November 25th, 2002 @ Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Premiere)

Spring 2004 Performances by percussionist Amy Knoles

University of Michigan, University of Western Michigan, University of Wisconsin
The Fluc Performance Space in Vienna, Austria
Sklenenalovka Performance Space in Brno, CZ Republic
House of Art in Opava, CZ Republic
University of Constantine in Nitra, Slovak Republic
Hermes Ear in Nitra, Slovak Republic
the XXVI Festival Di Musica Veritcale in Rome, IT

Video of the first movement of Tricomatic