PIER2PIER (2006)
Pier2Pier is a field recording piece that grew out of daily walks along the Venice Beach boardwalk. During these treks I began to notice the diverse sound world that exists along the path: soothing waves of the ocean … arguments and rants of homeless people … random music blasted from the boardwalk shops … random snippets of conversations from passing bikers, joggers, or roller-bladers … The sonic diversity was mesmerizing to me. In addition to content I was also struck by the stereo field created by the nature of the path itself. On one side of the path are shops, restaurants, and condos. Along the other side is the distant ocean and various artist booths or athletic courts. Along the way, the boardwalk varies in width and consequently in sound intensity. The north end of the path is wide and cuts through the heart of Venice Beach providing a chaotic and completely random sound environment. The south end of the path is narrow with beachfront condos on one side and the ocean on the other providing a quiet and contemplative sound world.


June 10th, 2008 at the Dog Star music festival in Highland Park, CA.
February 21st, 2008 at the Sound in Space music festival in Highland Park, CA.