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For Bunita Marcus at Boston Court

For Bunita Marcus at Boston Court

I will be providing live-visuals for pianist Vicki Ray’s performance of Morton Feldman’s For Bunita Marcus on Friday, July 8th at Boston Court in Pasadena, CA. Vicki and I originally collaborated on a similar performance of For Bunita Marcus in 1998 using a primitive live video setup and one of the first live-video software programs called Imagine created at STEIM in Amsterdam. The technical setup in 1998 used an analog video camera processed at low resolution using a bulky Power Mac 8500 and a dedicated video card. For this performance I’ll just bring my laptop running Jitter and a pan-tilt-zoom HD video camera to create 1080p live visuals!

PiAV Demo No.1

PiAv Demo No.2

Digital Meditation Loop No.2

Digital Meditation Loop No.1

I’ve been experimenting with sound and video collisions using max/msp/jitter. The result of this particular collision is a one minute video loop using footage of a Dutch herring chef and a processed field recording of the market where the herring stand was located. The sonic and visual processing is driven by a crossed feedback network of parameter data from the digital audio and video files. The sound affects the video and the video affects the sound.