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Old Raney

Old Raney

Old Raney is a computer-based improvisation using field recordings from the Alan Lomax archive as source material. The field recordings I chose for this piece are significantly filled with pops, clicks, and scrapes from the acetate disc recording media used in the 1930s and 1940s. The recording media mistakes are a framework for the improvisation and are blended with the voices and sounds of the musicians being recorded. The result is a tapestry of noise, processed musical instruments, and processed voices of the characters Alan Lomax encountered creating a sonic world that is a blend of processed computer-based sounds and old analog disc sounds.

Listen to a studio version of Old Raney

Listen to a live performance of Old Raney

New piece on Khalija compilation

I recently finished a new recording that will be included on an upcoming compilation of electronic music to be released on the Khalija record label. The six minute piece, titled mophophonic, grew out of an improvisation using a Blacet analog synthesizer. Treatments were then applied to the analog synth recording using a max/msp patch and the final version was tweaked ever so slightly in ProTools. The compilation should be available in the next few weeks.

Daily Skronk Project

For 2011 I have started a project called The Daily Skronk. The Daily Skronk is a daily laptop improvisation featuring short works that range from dissonant and grating to calming and meditative. It is a daily meditation of sorts called from the depths of the sonic zeros and ones that find their way into and out of my laptop. Each skronk will be linked daily to my Facebook wall but all of the skronks can be found HERE on my Bandcamp site. As of this posting I have recorded and posted 88 skronks!

Older 1 minute piece

I wanted to post this short audio track that I created for Viralnet’s 2008 online project called The Lament Project. Here’s a short blurb on the idea of the project:

The Lament Project’ grew from a desire to produce an online work that responds to the personal anxiety and social crisis in our contemporary global culture. We thought that the best way could cut through the lulling effect of corporate media’s packaging of suffering and conflict, would be in a personal and visceral way, using sound. The lament is one of the world’s oldest musical and poetic forms for expressing sorrow and grief. It is found in both the east and the west; in classical traditions as well as folk traditions. It has evolved over the centuries informing new genres along the way, like the blues. It is a sound that comes from a place deep inside the soul of the individual and reflects a larger collective suffering. It is a universal sound. Even though there are many traditional laments to draw from, encourages the artists to invent new and personal interpretations of the form and explore the full range of possibilities, spanning the humorous to the serious. Except for the one-minute length requirement, there are no pre-conditions or rules that the artists need to follow in creating their laments.

The Recording
For my lament I asked vocalist Jewl Mosteller to improvise in the recording studio. I selected some of the performance and created a 1 minute piece.

Listen to Lament [1:05 ] [ 320 kbps mp3 ]