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Raflost Festival in Reykjavik

I’m heading to the Raflost Festival in Reykjavik from May 4th through May 8th. I’ll be premiering a new audio visual improvisation called Side Effects. Also premiering will be a new installation for photography and field recordings called One Minute Los Angeles. I’ll also be giving a short lecture on my work on Friday, May 6th. After the festival I plan on sticking around Reykjavik and trekking out into the icelandic frontier with my field recorder!

STEIM Residency Documentation

I just received the video documentation of the 2010 STEIM exchange. It was a really great group of students to work with!

CalArts 2010 Residency from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Experimental Music Yearbook Festival

I will be performing a noisy set for laptop and video at the Experimental Music Yearbook Festival on Friday, October 22nd. Should be a fun festival! Here’s more information:

t h e e x p e r i m e n t a l m u s i c y e a r b o o k festival
October 22 – 24, 2010
Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, Valencia, CA
the wulf., Los Angeles, CA
The Wild Beast, Valencia, CA

Taking place October 22 -24, 2010, the Experimental Music Yearbook is a series of curated concerts highlighting some recent trends and ideas in the global experimental music community. The concerts showcase recent works from renowned composers Vinny Golia and Greg Davis, as well as premieres from Mark So, Olivia Block and many others. Comprised of three concerts over three days, the event will expose early career local composers to a wider audience. Faculty member and composer Sara Roberts, along with local experimentalists John P. Hastings and Casey Anderson, curated the concerts and have organized a team of Los Angeles’ finest experimental music performers in enacting the second iteration of this annual event.

f r I d a y , o c t o b e r 2 2 , 8 p m
Roy O. Disney Hall, Valencia, CA

shear (2009) olivia block
wattle and daub (2010) Julia holter
shapes of 3 and 5 (2010) cat lamb
anemone battle! (2010) laura steenberge
stupid thing (ongoing) clay chaplin

s a t u r d a y , o c t o b e r 2 3 , 8 p m
the wulf., Los Angeles, CA

windrows (2010) mark so (with a simultaneous reading of John Ashbery’s poem Litany)
subset canon or scene++ (2010) michael winter
untitled (2010) casey anderson

s u n d a y , o c t o b e r 2 4 , 5 p m
the wild beast, Valencia, CA

winter strengthens (2010) chris kallmyer
lethologica (2010) vinny golia
for barnett newman (2010) john p. hastings
a book of orchestras vol. 1 (2004) greg davis

ESP Ensemble @ STEIM 2010

I am currently leading the 4th annual STEIM exchange for CalArts’ ESP program. Each year I bring a group of graduate students to STEIM to work together on projects and a performance. This year’s group will be working from September 28th through October 11th with a presentation and performance on Sunday, October 10th. Here are a few links to more information:

STEIM Events
CalArts Blog
ESP Ensemble 2009

4th edition of CalArts exchange program at STEIM

Stephanie Smith, Carmina Escobar, Stina Haraldsdottir, Dan Eaton and Clay Chaplin

Located in Valencia California, CalArts has been one of the traditional hubs for music and art experimentation on West Coast. Since 2007, STEIM and their Experimental Sound Practices program have established an exchange program where they send a group of promising students to work intensively on projects in our studios. For each edition we have experimented with Professor Clay Chaplin in different methods of working with the students, and have seen fruitful results ranging from interactive circuit sculptures to a multi-media ensemble performance. They return this year again with a new group of students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Come check out what they come up with this time!
2009 edition:
Sunday, Oct 10, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (Door open 20.00 hrs.)
Charge: Free

EarZoom Sonic Arts Festival

I will be traveling to Ljubljana Slovenia for the second annual Ear Zoom Sonic Arts Festival. I will be performing a new piece using my glove controller Stupid Thing and video. Here’s more information about the festival:

Ear Zoom Sonic Arts Festival

IRZU institute for sonic arts research – is announcing the second edition of EarZoom – sonic arts festival, taking place between 2nd and 7th October 2010 at different location in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Download full program at:
Ear Zoom 2010 program pdf

Performances / workshops / lectures / installations by:

Agoston Nagy (HU), Alvaro Barbosa (AO / PT), Arthur Flexer (AT), Band Leather Band (Joanne Cannon & Stuart Favilla (AU)), Baseline Beast (Ilan Manouach & Giorgos Axiotis (GR)), Projekt BOKS (SLO), Carl Stone (USA /JP), Clay Chaplin (USA), Eric Thielemans (BE), Hans-Christoph Steiner (USA / AT), Henrik Frisk (SE), Jaime Oliver (USA / PE), Jan Truetzschler von Falkenstein (NL), Jodi Rose (AU), Jurij Dobriakov (LT), Lionel Marchetti (FR), Marcelo Wanderley (CA / BR), Marek Choloniewski (PL), Marko Batista (SLO), Marko Karlovčec (SLO), Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT), Martin Rumori (DE), Mathieu Copeland (FR / UK), Matija Schellander (AT), Nick Collins (UK), Norbert Moslang (CH), Pedro Rebelo (UK), Peter Ablinger (DE), Philippe Franck (BE), Richard Widerberg (SE), Rob Canning (UK), Scott Mclaughlin (UK), Thomas Grill (AT), Tomaž Grom (SLO), Vytautas Michelkevičius (LT), Winfried Ritsch (AT)


Cankarjev dom / Moderna galerija /Galerija Kapelica / Galerija SKUC / KinoSiska / Kiberpipa / Ljudmila / Menza pri koritu

Ear Unit performs Tricomatic

The California Ear Unit will be performing my structured improvisation Tricomatic on Saturday, October 2nd at The Lab in San Francisco. Here is the flyer for the concert:

Nexmap Binary Cities

Betty Freeman concert at REDCAT

This is a photo of  Ulrich Krieger (sax) ,  Stuart Fox (guitar), myself (laptop) and Mark Trayle (laptop) performing Earle Brown’s Four Systems at the Betty Freeman concert at REDCAT. The concert celebrated the legacy of the late philanthropist, photographer and writer Betty Freeman, described as “without question the most significant American advocate for contemporary classical music in the second half of the 20th century”.

STEIM Residency documentation

Here is the documentation of our STEIM residency that took place in October of 2009.

Check out the STEIM Blog for more photos and text:

Here is a short and somewhat hilarious documentary movie created by Christoph Scherbaum. Christoph was assigned to follow us around a bit and find out what we were up to. One day, we accidentally locked him in the studio while we went for lunch. We felt really bad when we came back after lunch!

CalArts: The ESP Ensemble from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Photographs of our performance taken by Frank Balde.






Sounds at the Sea and Space Resort

I’ve curated three concerts for the Sea and Space Explorations gallery in Highland Park. The concerts are part of the gallery’s annual Summer Resort events.
Thursdays, 8-10pm, $3 suggested donation
The Resort Sound Series Skronk-a-rama

Aug 13 – Mellownoisedrona , performances by: Scott Cazan; Casey Anderson & John Hastings; & Lewis Keller

Aug 20 – Sea & Space Shanty’s, performances by: Julia Holter; Missincinnati (Jessica Catron, Corey Fogel, and Jeremy Drake); & Laura Steenberge

Aug 27 – Solos, Duets, and Groups, performances by: Albert Ortega; Mark Trayle; STEIM Ensemble (Casey Anderson, David Casey, Clay Chaplin, and Aniela Perry)

Resort 2008