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ESP Ensemble @ STEIM 2010

I am currently leading the 4th annual STEIM exchange for CalArts’ ESP program. Each year I bring a group of graduate students to STEIM to work together on projects and a performance. This year’s group will be working from September 28th through October 11th with a presentation and performance on Sunday, October 10th. Here are a few links to more information:

STEIM Events
CalArts Blog
ESP Ensemble 2009

4th edition of CalArts exchange program at STEIM

Stephanie Smith, Carmina Escobar, Stina Haraldsdottir, Dan Eaton and Clay Chaplin

Located in Valencia California, CalArts has been one of the traditional hubs for music and art experimentation on West Coast. Since 2007, STEIM and their Experimental Sound Practices program have established an exchange program where they send a group of promising students to work intensively on projects in our studios. For each edition we have experimented with Professor Clay Chaplin in different methods of working with the students, and have seen fruitful results ranging from interactive circuit sculptures to a multi-media ensemble performance. They return this year again with a new group of students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Come check out what they come up with this time!
2009 edition:
Sunday, Oct 10, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (Door open 20.00 hrs.)
Charge: Free

Older 1 minute piece

I wanted to post this short audio track that I created for Viralnet’s 2008 online project called The Lament Project. Here’s a short blurb on the idea of the project:

The Lament Project’ grew from a desire to produce an online work that responds to the personal anxiety and social crisis in our contemporary global culture. We thought that the best way could cut through the lulling effect of corporate media’s packaging of suffering and conflict, would be in a personal and visceral way, using sound. The lament is one of the world’s oldest musical and poetic forms for expressing sorrow and grief. It is found in both the east and the west; in classical traditions as well as folk traditions. It has evolved over the centuries informing new genres along the way, like the blues. It is a sound that comes from a place deep inside the soul of the individual and reflects a larger collective suffering. It is a universal sound. Even though there are many traditional laments to draw from, encourages the artists to invent new and personal interpretations of the form and explore the full range of possibilities, spanning the humorous to the serious. Except for the one-minute length requirement, there are no pre-conditions or rules that the artists need to follow in creating their laments.

The Recording
For my lament I asked vocalist Jewl Mosteller to improvise in the recording studio. I selected some of the performance and created a 1 minute piece.

Listen to Lament [1:05 ] [ 320 kbps mp3 ]

STEIM Residency documentation

Here is the documentation of our STEIM residency that took place in October of 2009.

Check out the STEIM Blog for more photos and text:

Here is a short and somewhat hilarious documentary movie created by Christoph Scherbaum. Christoph was assigned to follow us around a bit and find out what we were up to. One day, we accidentally locked him in the studio while we went for lunch. We felt really bad when we came back after lunch!

CalArts: The ESP Ensemble from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Photographs of our performance taken by Frank Balde.